Odd little things, clues that lead nowhere or everywhere, here are my words and thoughts in a collection set to music. A continual search for meaning in a beautiful world.




All of the stars are lining up, 
After you go it's plain to see
Something is left that tips my cup,
After you go and leave me
And though I want you so to stay,
I get to miss you when you're away.
And though my heart is on my sleeve
Fonder with absence grows,
With long lovely bitterness there's joy I know 
The sweetness of after you go
I met a man yesterday,
Said he was searching for something
Between the worlds, on his way
Struck me as trouble for nothing
Tell me this misery loves company,
I tell you I would rather be alone
Searching for that with no name
All that I found was self-pity
Darling, it’s always the same
Round and around till your dizzy
Tell me this misery loves company,
Go on, tell yourself
Night after night when I wake with a start dear,
Knowing again, that it still isn’t you
What is there left to pursue?
Art and truth
When you are really alone
When you find your heart is broken
When no one else understands
That your despair is an ocean
Tell me this misery loves company,
I tell you I would rather be alone,
Just be alone.



(co-written with Nate Mayland)


Out of bed and out the door
And down my street and to the train,
I head to town and spend the night 
Just hoping I can find it again.
Deep inside my mind I've kept you close
So you can calm me when I'm lost
When I need music to bring me
Back donw to earth.
And I know how it goes
On and on I sing my song,
A melody so close to me
That it's written in my heart.
I can feel it wont' be long
So I'll sing my song
I can feel that I belong to the sound,
Written in my heart.
I had you in reach just at my fingertips
And each time that I grasp you tighter
I can't seem to hold onto the tune
I guess I'll follow all my insticts, 
All my passions, and my ears will hear
The truth of loving something so much,
It can set you free.





The last word you spoke dear,
I couldn't hear above my heart's command.
I come to the place where
The fury of this storm is out of hand.
When you push and I pul, I'll follow you round,
For the beauty of falling with no solid ground.
You dangle, you tangle,
The bittersweet of tango whirls agound.
It's a tempting string of possiblitiy,
Everytie I see your face,
And I'm wanting you with such futility,
Settle for the thrill of the chase.